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Millions of traders operate with the same goal: profitability.
Today, taking action in the search for a reliable broker is undoubtedly the best decision to achieve it.
Thanks to the benefits of Golden Capital FXwe finally live the revolutionary trading experience:


The protection of your funds is at the top of our priorities. We work based on quality processes providing a proper RISK MANAGEMENT model.


You decide your deposits and withdrawals. We have an exclusive Back Office area that safely funds and withdraws your account, thus taking advantage of market opportunities.

Differential value

You will receive free consultations from our account managers, webinars, meetings, events, and informative materials that enable you to operate with knowledge.

Personalized advice

We work with the 'hands-on' methodology, where our professionals accompany you from the very beginning to introduce you to the financial market according to your profile.

Portfolio of instruments

At Golden Capital FXwe have a range of +240 financial products selected for their high volatility and diversification opportunities. Discover our portfolio and the available instruments on our platform.


Trade the main global indicators that group assets and set trends in the market.


Take advantage of market liquidity by trading in companies with the highest market capitalization through contracts for difference.


Access the most liquid market in the world and take advantage of the +60 currency pairs available 24 hours a day.


Find the most in-demand commodities in the market, providing you with the alternative to maximize your profits

Identify your financial profile

Golden Capital FX helps you discover your financial needs through the time horizon, expected profitability, and surplus quantification to define strategies adapted to the volatility of the trading industry.

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Frequent questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the minimum I can invest?

In investments there is no minimum or maximum, it is the same answer when we want to know how much we should save?
Es relativo, sin embargo, el bróker acepta depósitos mínimos para poder abrir una cuenta. En GCFX es desde los USD100 dólares.

Who regulates them?

We work with international liquidity providers, as well as banking institutions such as HSBC who provide us with security and a regulatory umbrella with the FCA.
We currently have the FSA regulation number 10087272.

What is Golden Capital's differentiator compared to other brokers?

The main difference is financial advice and our security of funds and transparency.
We are interested in bringing knowledge and access to the entire Latin American market so that the investor can make sound and informed decisions at the right time.

How much profitability do you guarantee?

This market is variable income, so profits cannot be guaranteed. Profitability is linked to the investor's risk profile. The greater the risk assumed in any investment, the greater the return it provides.
At GCFX we advise the client so that they can obtain an adequate return with correct risk management according to their investment objectives.

Can I only invest in the US?

Most financial assets are listed on the US stock exchange, however we have more than ten stock indices that combine financial assets from different countries such as China, Germany and Spain.


What is the broker's commission? Does this vary depending on the asset you operate?

The broker's commission is called the spread, it is the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. The commission fluctuates according to the demand and supply of the financial asset to be marketed, it is also affected by the time in which it is acquired.
Por ejemplo, es mejor adquirir activos financieros a la apertura de mercado en lugar de minutos antes del cierre de mercado donde el spread o comisión es mayor.

How does the broker earn?

The broker earns with the difference between the purchase price and the sale price, very similar to what an exchange house earns when making the currency exchange.


What does it mean to have a liquidity provider?

It means that we are connected to the real market, we are an STP broker that operates directly with the market. Liquidity providers act as wholesalers of the financial assets we trade. We distribute them with an additional spread to the one they deliver to a group of brokers.

How often do I get paid?

Once a client requests a withdrawal, due to the client's own security measures, we take up to 5 calendar days for the money to reach your bank account anywhere in the world.

Do I get charged for depositing to the broker?

No, there is no charge for depositing, the amount you deposit is the amount that will appear in your trader account.

Do I charge maintenance for not making operations on my account?

Si, aplicamos un costo de mantenimiento de USD 10 por mes, comenzando a regir a partir del tercer mes en el que la cuenta no ha sido operada.

How much do I have to pay in taxes?

A broker, due to its international nature, such as GCFX, is not a tax withholding agent, so the client can withdraw 100% of their capital. The taxes to be paid will depend on the jurisdiction where the investment was made.

Is it possible to send my winnings to another country?

Todas las transferencias de fondos se realizan exclusivamente a la cuenta de origen del cliente registrado a los sistemas de Golden Capital FX utilizada para el depósito inicial.

What withdrawal modalities do you have?

Transferencias bancarias y monederos electrónicos.